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Car Sweepstakes 2011


Enter to Win Car Sweepstakes 2011 with Sweepstakes Entries!

Car sweepstakes in 2011 are some of the most popular of any kind of sweepstakes this year!  We rotate the car sweepstakes to keep the most current ones here on Sweepstakes Entries for you. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can check back often to see the latest car sweepstakes 2011. The latest car sweepstakes 2011 are listed below.


Some of the car sweepstakes 2011 you will see above (if they are available at this time to enter) are from the following auto makers: Ford, Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge and Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. You will see sweepstakes listed from time to time on vehicles from hybrids and electric cars, to family sedans, sports cars, and trucks.

In some of the 2011 car sweepstakes entry rules you will be asked several questions regarding your car preferences. The reason the car manufacturers who offer the sweepstakes in the first place, is because they want to get maximum exposure for their new 2011 car models.

The Auto makers have found that one of the very best ways to get exposure for their 2011 line up of new cars is to offer car sweepstakes. In return for the auto makers offering these new 2011 car models through the sweepstakes channel, they want to know what the demographics are of the consumers who are interested in their new cars.

So don't feel like the auto makers offering the car sweepstakes 2011 are trying to get an un-necessary amount of information from you, they just want a better understanding of their potential customers. If you think about it, giving a bit of information for a chance to win a new 2011 car is very fair and makes logical sense. Also, if you are asked for an address and other information, you will most likely be sent information from the car makers.

Enter to win car sweepstakes 2011

Sweepstakes Tip: Never enter any sweepstakes where you have to pay money first.

If you like a particular brand of car, you will often see that the auto manufacturer will run several sweepstakes for that car brand. By car brand, I mean, for example, Ford, or Chevy. They will not run sweepstakes for the same car model, but they will run them for the vehicle models under the same brand. For example, Ford will offer sweepstakes on the Ford Explorer and at the same time run sweepstakes for the Ford Fiesta, and the Ford Mustang, and may run a separate car sweepstakes with Carl Edwards, who will be promoting a Ford car model in conjunction with NASCAR. Sometimes the car makers will run the car sweepstakes at the same concurrent time and sometimes they will stagger the sweepstakes through the automobile model year and into the next one crossing into 2012. That is why you will see some car sweepstakes 2011 that are now offering the 2012 car sweepstakes.

In many cases, you will be able to enter the car sweepstakes several times. Other sweepstakes only pay off for a single entry and the others are disqualified (simply don't count). However, unless the sweepstakes tell you only one entrant per household, you may very well be able to have every member in the household enter the car sweepstakes. This will increase your chances for winning.

In order to win car sweepstakes you want to make sure that you completely read the sweepstakes entry rules. This may sound like an obvious statement, but statistics show that most sweepstakes entries are disqualified because the person entering the sweepstakes simply did not follow the rules.

Remember though, entering sweepstakes is meant to be fun and entertaining. You can never count on winning, but persistence does pay off. And it really helps if you are particularly interested in a certain type of sweepstakes, like car sweepstakes for example. because if you are interested in something, like cars, then filling out a few forms on the interest to win a new car isn't such a hassle. And the return on investment is huge, because all you are investing is a little time.

If you would like our free e-book on how to properly enter sweepstakes, you can get your free e-book on winning at sweepstakes (including car sweepstakes 2011) here. And always remember to check back to Sweepstakes entries often, as we will be offering the latest sweepstakes for you to win!

Good luck and we hope you enter the car sweepstakes to win the new 2011 car! 


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