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How Free Offers & Trial Offers Work

Frequently Asked Questions Answered: Terry Samsony Sweepstakes Entries Client Relations Mgr

Question: Is the gift card really free?

  • Rest assured these offers with name brands represent a genuine offer. 
  • The gift card is fully paid for by the sponsor, because they get paid when you complete the survey and/or register for the trial offers. 

Question: What are the different types of offers?

  • Some ask offers you to submit a zip code first. When you do, you still don't give out any information and you are easily able to check out the offer first before deciding to complete the offer.
  • Some offers ask for your email. This is more common because it's how business is done on the internet. Many people sometimes use a secondary email like gmail or hotmail for this and then have one email that is really personal for close family and friends.
  • Some offers ask for more information because the offer needs a mailing address if it is a trial offer.
  • Some offers ask for your credit card or Paypal info if you are making a purchase.

Question: This seems to good to be true, is it?

  • Sometimes. I recognize how you could feel this way. 
  • We test the offers from our sponsors and forbid scams, spam, and spy ware. 
  • We are always testing the offers on our site and we ask you to do the same through your feedback. So the offers that come from the companies on our site should be safe.
  • There are scams out there. 
  • The Scams running lately are the one's for these offers you see on and off line that promote the "Obama" type bail-outs, free government money and free grants. These are SCAMs.  
  • When I first started signing up for offers I was skeptical and learned how to profit from them. 
  • I quickly realized that the sponsors view this as another marketing channel. 
  • The sponsors pay millions of dollars trying to market to you and the marketplace using different channels. 
  • Have you every received "junk" mail or watched TV commercials? 
  • This is a more direct mechanism and they are willing to pay you to receive your information. 
  • What can be better than free money for contact information they already probably have? 

Question: How can I protect myself from junk mail and junk email if the offer causes it?

Here is what I do:

  • If the offer just askes for your zip code and you click enter to get in, you still haven't give anyone any onformation yet. Now you can really judge the offer.
  • If the offers asks for my email, and if I am uncertain about an offer and want to try it, I just use my secondary free email like gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. 
  • This allows me to check out tons of offers fast by entering my email address so that I can grab the ones that I like. I like them simple, easy, and profitable. 
  • If I get any junk email, by law, I can unsubscribe as well. I often don't bother even using my secondary email if I know the name brand but it is my safeguard. 

Question: How long does it take to complete the offers?

  • It depends on which specific offers you choose to complete. 
  •  My experience and feedback I receive from my customers indicate that the entire process takes sometimes several minutes up to an 1 hour. 

Question: Is there a limit on the number of gift cards I can receive?

  • That depends on the sponsor. 
  • However, there are lots of sponsors out there. 
  • That's why I encourage you to become a SSE Club Member. 
  • As an SSE Member you will get the latest information on sweepstakes, offers, & can ask us questions. 

Question: I'm thinking about the offer, will the offer expire?

  • Yes. Nothing lasts forever, so at least signup as a Sweepstakes Entries Club Member so that we can notify you of future offers and remember to revisit the website for the new offers that are updated daily. 

Question: How much do the trial offers cost?

  • The cost of an offer ranges from free to a small shipping and handling fee. 
  • The intent of the sponsor is for you and others to try a couple of different things hoping that a small percentage of you like the product and continue using it. 
  • Once I have received my gift card, I often simply cancel any offers that I may not be interested in. 

Question: Do you have any examples of how much the trial offers cost?

  • Some are free based on a survey or product testing. 
  • Others are set up so that you trial the product, like it and then start buying it, often at discounted pricing. 
  • Some are a rip off and need to be avoided. 
  • I recently completed a promotion that took me less than 25 minutes to complete. I spent less than $25.00 on small offers that I liked anyway. I received a $500 gift card. The way I look at it, I made over $475.00 for less than an hour of my time. I don't know about you, but I don't earn that much in my day job! 


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